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The MUSÉE DE SIRES - unlike its namesakes musées de cire (wax museums) Grévin or Tussaud - presents its heroes, its lords, in flesh and blood. It is inaugurated on the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Centre Culturel Suisse (Swiss Cultural Centre) in Paris in 2005. The Musée de Sires intends to both commemorate and pay tribute to the artists who have built the history of the CCS. Every evening during the festivities, it presents artists who have left their mark on the institution. The artists take place in showcases and remain motionless like statues. The visitors discover them when they arrive at the venue. After a while, the artists come out of their window, are acclaimed by the audience and join the festivities.



With the participation, in the showcases, of the following artists: Jean-Luc Bideau, Compagnie 7273 Laurence Yadi Nicolas Cantillon, Michael von Graffenried, Pierre Keller, Isabelle Krieg, Victorine Müller, Philippe Rahm, Jacques Roman, Ben Vautier.


With the collaboration of the CCS Paris.




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