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In 1997, Res Balzli and Catherine Portmann acquired a mansion in Fribourg in a majestic park planted with century-old trees. They decided to transform it into a hotel. Olivier Suter designed the architecture of the restaurant and several surprising rooms in the following years.

In one of them, customers discover on their bedside table small bottles containing a formaldehyde solution that allows them to keep their dreams alive in the morning. In another, guests can use a remote control to extinguish candles, close shutters and curtains, or receive champagne and breakfast in bed from a lively cart. In a third room, located opposite the marvelous panorama that the property offers over the city of Fribourg, a set of mirrors spread around the building reflects a superb view of St. Nicholas Cathedral. A bathtub on rails comes out of a last room to offer visitors a bath under the stars in the magnificent decor of the park.





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